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Cheer & Dance Mixes

Custom Dance Mix Packages

Zero Deductions Productions LLC offers 2 custom dance mix packages that are budget-friendly for any dance team! 

Custom dance mixes include a variety of musical and other audio elements, including:

  • Sound Effects: Sound effects are sounds that are matched and used to highlight key moments, skills, elements, and transitions throughout a routine. Every dance mix package comes with customized sound effects. These sound effects can be added by providing us an 8-count sheet and/or video OR can be added in at random (if you like choreographing a routine to music).

  • Voice-overs: Every custom dance mix package includes the standard, male, announcer-style voice-overs with the team's name, organization name, mascot, colors, motto, slogan, etc. 

  • Cheer-style Raps: Another modern element that is common in dance mixes is cheer-style rap vocals. Our champion mix package includes generic, sassy, and fun rap vocals from various artists. The custom mix package includes cheer-style raps that are written specifically for your team and their routine!

  • Licensed Covers & Songs: Any song used in a dance mix that is not original must be properly licensed to the producer and the team performing to the mix. We use two approved music licensing vendors that offer songs, cover versions of popular songs, and instrumental music. You can request songs using the online order form, or have our producers hand-pick songs for your routine!

All custom mix packages come with the following:

  • Proof of Purchase

  • UNLIMITED Sound Effect Edits (valid until May 31st, 2020)

  • Music License Agreement (valid until May 31st, 2020)

Champion Dance Mix Package

Our most affordable and most popular dance music mix package is the champion package!


The champion package includes a dance music mix with licensed songs and cover versions of popular songs, customized sound effects to match choreography, and custom, announcer-style voice-overs (male only) with your team's name, mascot, colors, etc. Generic, cheer-style raps may also be incorporated depending on the length of the mix. 

Voice-overs: Custom (male announcer-style only)

Raps (cheer-style): Generic, pre-recorded

Songs: Licensed songs from &


0:30 = $59.99

0:45 = $89.99 

1:00 = $119.99

1:30 = $179.99 

2:00 = $239.99

2:15 = $269.99

2:30 = $299.99

3:00 = $359.99

Team Korea Senior Freestyle Pom ICU Worl

Custom Dance Mix Package

The custom dance mix package is affordable, personalized, and perfect for any competitive dance routine!

This package comes with custom cheer-style rap vocals, which are written and recorded specifically for your team's routine. Along with custom raps, custom mixes include licensed songs and covers of popular songs, customized sound effects, and announcer-style voice-overs.

Voice-overs: Custom

Raps (cheer-style): Custom

Songs: Licensed songs from &


0:30 = $79.99

0:45 = $119.99 

1:00 = $159.99

1:30 = $239.99 

2:00 = $319.99

2:15 = $359.99

2:30 = $399.99

3:00 = $479.99

Team Korea Coed Elite ICU Cheerleading W

Additional Fees & Services

Mix Reconstruction

Re-arranging anything besides sound effects comes at a charge of $75 per hour (2 hr. minimum)

International License Fee

If your program is not based in the US, or if your team will be performing in multiple countries, an international license fee of $99.99 will apply to each mix.

Song Changes

Once an order is submitted, the fee to exchange or change a song in a mix is $25 per song.

Complete 8-Count Sheet

For only $9.99, you can receive a completed 8-count sheet with your mix order. Our production team will complete the 8-count sheet based on the routine videos you send us!

Rush Order Fee

If you need a mix in 7 days or less, a rush order fee will apply. Fees vary based on time-frame.

Lyrics & Lyric Video

Want the lyrics to your whole mix? For only $9.99, you can receive a typed copy of the lyrics to your mix with your order. You can also add a lyric video for $99.99 to reveal your new mix to your team!

8-Count Sheets

Need an 8-count sheet? Our 8-count sheets are quick, simple, and easy-to-use. Click the button below to browse through our selection of FREE 8-count sheets.

Our Licensed Music Vendors


ClicknClear is the world's first company to offer 100% properly licensed popular music & songs! Zero Deductions Productions LLC is proud to be a ClicknClear approved producer.

Power Music Trax Logo.png


PowerMusicTrax is the number one online catalog for 100% properly licensed cover versions, or "sound-alike" versions, of popular songs. They also offer a great selection of original songs!

Professional Associations

Our company is working with multiple businesses and organizations to provide professional, trusted, & quality services to cheer and dance teams around the world! Below are some of the professional associations we have in the cheer & dance music industry.