Custom & Original 

Cheer Mixes

Our custom & original cheer mixes are tailored to your team's routine! Our goal is to create the perfect track that compliments your choreography and motivates your athletes to perform at their very best. 


Zero Deductions Productions LLC is a USA Cheer Preferred Producer.

When it comes to cheerleading mixes, nothing is more personalized than a custom or original music mix!


Every custom & original mix produced by Zero Deductions Productions contains a unique blend of beats, cheer-style raps, songs, & voice-overs which are specifically created or hand-picked by our producers for your routine. We also use a variety of sound effects to highlight skills & other synchronized elements.

Your vision is our mission. We are happy to exchange and/or revise any raps, songs, or voice-overs, for any reason, within 7 days of receiving the initial track.

All cheer mix packages include the following:

CUSTOM Sound Effects

CUSTOM "Announcer-Style" Voice-Overs

Cheer-Style Raps

Proof of Purchase

Unlimited Mix Edits (1 Year)

USA Cheer Compliant Music License Agreement (1 Year)

00:00 / 02:32

Cheer-Style Raps 

Pre-made, Generic



Licensed from our approved vendors

Avg . Production Time

10-14 days


$131.99      1:00 (or less)

$191.99                    1:30

$263.99                    2:00

$296.99                    2:15

$329.99                    2:30

 $395.99                    3:00 

00:00 / 01:41

Cheer-Style Raps




Licensed from our approved vendors





Avg . Production Time

14-21 days


$179.99      1:00 (or less)

$269.99                    1:30

$359.99                    2:00

$404.99                    2:15

$449.99                    2:30

 $539.99                    3:00 

00:00 / 00:49

Cheer-Style Raps



Two (2) 100% Original Songs 


Licensed songs our approved vendors

Avg . Production Time

21-28 days


$299.99      1:00 (or less)

$449.99                    1:30

$599.99                    2:00

$674.99                    2:15

$749.99                    2:30

 $899.99                    3:00 

00:00 / 00:48

Cheer-Style Raps




100% Original!


All songs are written, recorded, and produced for your routine!

Avg . Production Time

21-28 days


$399.99      1:00 (or less)

$599.99                    1:30

$799.99                    2:00

$899.99                    2:15

$999.99                    2:30

 $1199.99                  3:00 

How to Get Started

Does your cheer team's mix need to be fast or slow? Use our 8-count mix tracks to help you decide what tempo is best for your mix!

Step 2:


Complete the 8-count sheet and/or record a video of your routine to an 8-count mix track so our producers can match the mix to your routine!

Step 3:


If you want to make any song requests, you can browse our approved vendors' catalogs to see if the song is available for us to license to for your mix!

Once you're ready, use our online order to select your package, upload your 8-count sheets and/or videos, and submit your song requests!

Step 1:


Step 4:


Additional Fees & Services:

  • Mix Reconstruction: If you would like our production team to make any modifications to a custom cheer mix (once approved and complete), including but not limited to editing, additions, removals, re-arrangements, song exchanges, and rap exchanges, the charge is $75/hour (2 hours minimum). 

  • Rush Order Fees: If you need a custom cheer mix within 7 business days or less, a rush order fee applies.

  • Song Exchange Fee: After a mix is approved and a music license agreement is released, the cost to exchange or add a new song is $25 per song.

Professional Associations

Our company is working with multiple businesses and organizations to provide professional, trusted, & quality services to cheer and dance teams around the world! Below are some of the professional associations we have in the cheer & dance music industry.

  • ClicknClear Approved Producer

    ClicknClear is the world's first company to offer 100% properly licensed popular music & songs!

  • USA Cheer Logo PNG

    USA Cheer Preferred Music Provider

    USA Cheer is the United States national governing body for Sport Cheering and the growing sport of STUNT including cheer resources, competitions and more.

  • Logo PNG Approved Vendor is the world's #1 source for trusted cheer & dance professionals!

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