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Cheer & Dance Choreography

Themed Cheer Routine

Themed cheerleading routines are becoming very popular among competitive programs. However, themed routines are by far one of the most difficult and complex types of routines to choreograph, and may include the use of custom props, uniforms, etc.


Our experienced choreographers will work with you to make your themed routine is executed tastefully and encompasses the essence of the theme in as many ways as possible! 



  • Two (2) 3-day choreography camps

  • Forty-eight (48) hours of choreography time

  • Travel, hotel, and accommodations for one (1) choreographer

  • Themed Routine ConsultingYour choreographer will consult and work with you on capturing the essence of the theme, including the use of props, custom uniforms, accessories, etc.

  • Themed Routine DesignYour choreographer will work with your team's existing routine to clean up formations and transitions, add motions and choreography (when necessary), and re-organize the routine to re-establish a natural flow, look, and feel.

  • Competition Scoresheet MaximizationYour your choreographer will attempt to maximize your team's scoring potential in accordance with the rules, standards, and guidelines of the competitive event(s) your team plans on attending.


Additional Services

  • Completed 8-count sheet

  • Photos & videos of the choreography (for reference purposes)

  • FREE scoresheet review all-season long

  • FREE consulting and support all-season long

Pricing Information

Standard Package Pricing

$4999.99 per routine


International Pricing

Please e-mail for pricing and availability.

Additional Choreography Time

$75 per hour

(plus the cost of travel, stay, and accommodations for each choreographer)

Booking Policy

You may reserve your themed cheer routine choreography dates up to one (1) year in advance.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at least forty-five (45) days prior to the booking's start date. The remaining 50% is due by the end of the first date of camp or choreography.


Themed cheer routine choreography booked less than forty-five (45) days in advance must be paid-in-full at the time of booking.


Themed cheer routine choreography booked less than thirty (30) days in advance will be subject to a $300 late-booking fee.