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Cheer & Dance Choreography

Our award-winning cheer & dance choreographers are experts in routine composition, design, and innovation. The choreography services we provide always include a completed 8-count sheet, reference photos/videos, and support all season long!


Our choreography can help set your team apart from the rest! More than 40 hours are spent designing your teams perfect routine.


Each team's choreography camp is personalized specifically to their abilities and needs.

Hit the scoresheet

Our choreographers research and design your team's routine based on the rules, guidelines, and scoresheet that will be used to judge it. 

Competition Routine Choreography

One of the main services we provide is designing competitive cheer & dance routines.


This type of routine choreography involves coordination between the choreographer, coaches, and competition vendors. Through our experience, we have developed a 3-step process that ensures your program receives the best routine possible!




The first step we take in working with a competitive cheer or dance team is evaluating both the athletes participating in the routine and the program as a whole.


On an individual level, we look at each athlete's skills, strengths, weaknesses, and prior experience. This helps us determine the potential skills and limitations the choreographer will be working with before they start designing your competitive cheer or dance routine.




The next step our choreographers take in providing competition routine choreography is pre-planning and designing the basic structure and key elements that will be incorporated. This includes researching the team's competitions for specific scoresheets and guidelines and contacting the competition vendors, if necessary, to receive any clarification on rules and restrictions. The choreographer may advise the coach on skills or elements the team should be working on in preparation for competition. 


After all coordination between the coach and competition vendor(s) is complete, the choreographer can begin to design the potential elements of the routine, including formations, transitions, specific counts, etc. 




The final step in providing competitive routine choreography is teaching the routine itself!


Your assigned choreographer will come to your practice facility and teach the part(s) of the routine you have requested.


We don't leave until the job is done! Your choreographer will also leave you with a copy of the completed 8-count sheet for the routine! 

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