About Zero Deductions Productions LLC

Zero Deductions Productions LLC is an international cheerleading & dance production company based out of Austin, Texas, USA. We offer a variety of professional production services including skills camps, routine choreography, and licensed music mixes.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, professional, and affordable production services that empower our clients, and their athletes, to grow and achieve their goals.


At our company, our clients are family, and we treat every athlete like they're our own.

Our Story

Since 2009, owner of Zero Deductions Productions LLC, Brandon Thomas, had not only started his coaching career but was also developing his skills as a choreographer and learning how to produce cheerleading mixes. After cheering & coaching for nationally-known competitive programs like Weatherford College, Outlaw Cheer Company (formerly known as Maverick Cheer All-Stars), Raider Xtreme, Ultimate Cheer Lubbock, and Texas Tech University, he was determined to turn his experience, knowledge, and passion into a career.


In 2017, after graduating from Texas Tech University, Brandon started Zero Deductions Productions LLC. Ever since, he and his team of choreographers, vocal artists, and business associates have continued to help cheerleading & dance teams around the world grow, perform, and succeed. 


What to Expect & Why Choose Us?

To be successful in the cheer industry, a great amount of experience and knowledge is key. Developing a trusting and long-standing business relationship comes with active, on-going communication, professional service, reliable delivery, and high-quality results. These are the very standards all of us at Zero Deductions Productions LLC live by.


Accurately addressing and meeting the expectations of our clients takes knowledge, training, and experience. Properly trained and educated staff members are essential to keeping your cheerleaders and dancers safe, which allows kids to learn in a trusting and encouraging environment. Background, criminal history, and reference checks are run on every member of Zero Deductions Productions LLC, to ensure your athletes are working with safe and trusted professionals. 


What our clients should expect from our company is a finished product, outstanding customer service, and nothing less than the best


Our Areas of Expertise

Zero Deductions Productions has worked with a variety of cheer and dance programs across the world! Listed below are just a few of the areas of cheer & dance we have experience with:

  • U.S.A.S.F., I.A.S.F., I.C.U., J.A.M.Z., Y.C.A.D.A., U.I.L.

  • All-Star Cheer Level 1 

  • All-Star Cheer Level 2 

  • All-Star Cheer Level 3 

  • All-Star Cheer Level 4 

  • All-Star Cheer Level 4.2

  • All-Star Cheer Level 5 

  • All-Star Cheer Level 6

  • All-Star Cheer Level 7

  • All-Star Dance (All ages and groups)

  • College Cheer & Dance (NCA, UCA, NAIA)

  • Elementary School Cheer & Dance

  • Half-Time Performances

  • High School Cheer & Dance

  • Individual Cheer & Dance Routines

  • Group Stunt Competitions

  • Middle School Cheer & Dance

  • Pee-Wee League Cheer & Dance

  • Partner Stunt Competitions

  • Recreational Cheer & Dance Programs


Professional Associations

Zero Deductions Productions is a proud member of the following organizations:
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