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8-Count Sheets

Our cheer & dance 8-count sheets are easy & free tools to use when preparing for your squad's custom music production order!


Our easy-to-use, printable 8-count sheets are also fill-enabled! This means that you can fill in your entire 8-count sheet on your computer. The text size automatically adjusts for each count, so you can be as detailed and descriptive as possible.

Cheer & Dance Routine Tempo (BPM)

What is the normal speed, or tempo, for a cheerleading routine? This is a very common question. The tempo of your music should be based on your team and the pace that is right for them!


For younger teams, such as tiny and mini divisions in all-star cheerleading, you may want to go with a slower tempo (120-140 BPM). This will keep the music and routine at a pace that they can count to without getting overwhelmed!


In competitive cheerleading, the industry standard tempo for cheer music is 144 BPM, or beats-per-minute. In more recent years, some advanced teams have moved to145 BPM to give their routines a slightly faster pace.

BPM to 8-Count Conversion Table

How many 8-counts are in a 2 minute 30 second routine? This is a question we are asked quite frequently! Therefore, we have compiled a chart of the recommended number of 8-counts in a cheer or dance routine based on the beats per minute (BPM) or speed your squad is comfortable with. The industry standard for most competitive cheerleading teams is 144 beats-per-minute.